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Please answer these questions before you book:

1. Are you feeling unwell with signs of possible coronavirus? 


2. Are you self-isolating?


3. Have you been in contact with someone diagnosed with or with signs of COVID-19?


If you have answered 'YES' to any of these questions, then please call us on 01932 98 93 93 to discuss the best type of appointment for you.

You can book your appointment online or by phone. 

Appointments are 15 minutes long, and for one pet only.

If you have a lot of queries, you may need to book a longer consultation.


Remember that vet and nurse consultations are all FREE if your pet is a member of our Healthy Pet Club.

Vet in-clinic consultation: £47

Vet phone consultation: £20

Nurse in-clinic consultation: £10

Nurse clinic (for chronic conditions): £8


Please note that during the ongoing coronavirus situation, we are not currently offering home visit consultations.

You can now easily book an appointment online, in real time, with our live booking system!

If you can't find an appointment time to suit you, then please call us, and a member of our reception team will be able to help you.

If you have an emergency and need to be seen immediately, then call us on 01932 98 93 93

Phone consultations are available, please click the button above to request one.


If your pet needs an in-person appointment after your phone consultation (£20), this is done for £27. You will only pay a total of £47 to speak to and see the vet. 


If your pet is a member of our Healthy Pet Club, then all consultations are free.