COVID-Secure Consult Room

Visiting us in the ongoing pandemic (Updated Feb 2021)

Times have changed, and we must all adapt to COVID being here to stay. We understand that visiting the vet is worrying if your pet is poorly, and we know that many people struggle to wear a mask for health reasons.


That's why we have a fully- screened consulting pod, with no possibility of droplet transmission, where you can talk face-to-face to the vet, without a mask if you need to. To help those who are hard of hearing and rely on lip reading, we have an intercom which amplifies any spoken words, and we can also translate speech to text, so that you can read it instead. We hope that our inclusive approach will mean that none of our clients feel that veterinary care is inaccessable to them during the pandemic.

In addition to wiping surfaces with medical grade disinfectant after each client has visited, we also use a specialist disinfecting machine to clean every area of our pod and reception. We also have a QR code if you are using the NHS app.

As before the pandemic, our bright and spacious reception area is your first port of call at Woodham Lane.

On arrival, please leave your pet in the car and come into reception, or ring the bell, to let us know you are here. You must wear a mask when coming into reception (you can purchase a single use mask for £1 if you have forgotten yours).

Once reception know that you have arrived, you can choose to wait in your car until called for your appointment, or you can wait in reception, provided we don't have more than 2 people already waiting.

If the reception door is locked, then it means that either the reception area is full, or we are carrying out a euthanasia, so please bear with us, and a member of staff will come out and speak to you. 

We will lock the door if the reception area has more than 3 people waiting, to adhere to social-distancing.

Once the vet or nurse is ready to see you, you and your pet will go to the back of the building to the 'consulting pod'. If you need assistance in carrying a cat carrier, or you require an umbrella if it is raining, please just ask at reception.

Your consultation will be carried out in our 'consulting pod', you will be able to see the vet through a perspex wall, and can talk face to face.

After your appointment, you can come back into the reception area, which is also fully screened, to collect any medication or paperwork, and pay your bill via card terminal or contactless/ApplePay.

If you would prefer your consultation to be carried out outside, by phone, or by video, then please let us know.

We have extremely high levels of COVID-safety to protect our staff and our clients. If you have symptoms, have tested positive, or have been in contact with someone who has tested positive, please call us. If your pet needs emergency or urgent care, and you do not have anyone to help you, we can collect your pet from your house and then carry out a phone or video consult with you. If it is non-urgent and you need medication and are isolating or vunerable, then call us and we can help.

Woodham Lane Vets is committed to caring for our patients and our clients during this uncertain time.