Healthy Pet Club

All our plans include..

UNLIMITED vet consultations, and a blood and urine test (worth £180)

You'll never have to worry about additional consult fees to see the vet, it's all included in your monthly fee!

If you are insured, then you can help keep any claim amounts lower, which in turn, may help keep your premiums lower.

Our Healthy Pet Club is not just about saving you money.




We understand the importance of being able to help your dog and cat live their best life, so not only do we include all consults, routine vaccinations and parasite treatment for the year, our health plans can also include a free yearly blood and urine test, and dental care too.

We offer three plans: consultations and uk vaccinations are included in all of them, you can then choose if you would like to also include a screening blood and urine sample, along with monthly parasite prevention, to help keep your pet and your family safe.

  • Basic Care

  • Best Value

  • Premium Care

Have a look at the options below to see which is best for you and your pet:

What's not included: medication, out of hours visits, home visits

Please note: this is NOT an insurance policy

Monthly Fee