Out of Hours Care


Back in the days of James Herriot, most vet practices were small, and their 1 or 2 Vets would take it in turn to be on call.  


Nowadays, times have changed, and just like in human medicine, veterinary practices have very high standards of patient care. To expect a vet (or human gp) to work all day, then be called out, possibly several times, during the evening and night, and to then work the following day, is both dangerous for patient care, and dangerous for the vets own health.


In large veterinary hospitals with many vets, they can each manage to cover one night on call every 1 or 2 weeks, if they take the following day off.


However, in small 1/2/3 vet practices, which most are in the UK, it isn’t possible to offer high standards of daytime care, if all the vets are exhausted after answering the phone and caring for emergency patients all night.


Tristan and Sarah used to run an emergency service covering many local practices, with them both working one night on and one night off; however they couldn’t continue to do this and work during the day once Chertsey Vets opened.


Sarah and Tristan are therefore highly experienced in emergency care, a skill which is frequently required during our normal working day. 


It is for the reasons of maintaining high standards of patient care, that the majority of uk practices use a dedicated night service. Where experienced emergency vets and nurses, who only do out of hours work, look after any emergencies which may occur when the practice is closed. This way, a critically ill patient will be seen by a wide-awake veterinary team, and will receive the best possible care.


Chertsey Vets and Woodham Lane Vets both use North Surrey Vet Emergencies (NSVE), based less than 15mins from Chertsey and less than 20mins from Woodham Lane. 


NSVE are a long standing emergency clinic, with very experienced and dedicated emergency vets and nurses. We have known them for many years, and have used them since Chertsey Vets opened in January 2015. We have complete confidence in their high levels of care, and are very happy for their team to take care of our clients and their pets when we are closed.


We hope you understand why we cannot personally answer our phones and see patients day and night, and why we use NSVE to enable our high standards of daytime care, to continue through the night.