January is National Walk Your Dog Month!

With us all being in Lockdown: 3, why not grab your coat and wellies and make the most of the outdoors?! Your dog will thank you for it!

Exercise is good for everyone!

Your dog will really benefit from time outdoors, burning off some energy will make them happier, help keep them healthy and also help control their weight, however getting into the open air will help improve your wellbeing too!

A change of scene can be a great way for you to switch off from work, or from being stuck at home in lockdown. Focusing on our dogs out having fun, running around and finding new smells, brings a smile to our faces, and you'll feel happier just watching them play! Take a ball with you and encourage them to run around, though please avoid throwing sticks, as these can cause mouth injuries.

Puppy Fun!

Puppies should only go out and about after a certain number of weeks after their second vaccination (when exactly will depend on the brand and type of vaccine given, so check with your vet).

When they do go out, remember not to let them over exercise, as this can cause joint problems as they get older.

Monthly worming and flea treatment is very important, and also remember that not all dogs are friendly, so check with other dog walkers if it's ok for your puppy to approach!

Stay Safe

When you are out and about, make sure that you keep to social distancing; if you see someone approaching on a narrow path, move to one side, and hopefully they will do the same. Remember to keep as far apart as possible, and wear a mask if there are lots of people around.

Petting other peoples dogs is a COVID risk, so if you do stroke another dog, remember to use alcohol gel your hands, avoid touching your face or eating food, and wash your hands well with soap as soon as you get home.

Try not to walk closely behind people, as just in the same way that you can sometimes smell someone's strong aftershave or perfume when you are out walking, you are also able to breathe in any droplets that might be breathing out. It will increase your risk of breathing in COVID if the person in front of you is infected.

Stay in Touch

If you are worried about your dog, don't fret and google what could be going on, just call your vet. Woodham Lane and Chertsey Vets are open throughout lockdown, and we are here to help.

It is a stressful time for everybody, whether you are homeschooling and trying to work, or whether you are shielding and have no-one in your bubble, its difficult for everybody.

So don't add to your stress by worrying at home, if you are concerned about your pet, even if you can't put your finger on why, just call us, we are here to provide everything from reassurance, to blood tests and specialist surgery, and we can do all of this from our COVID-secure consult pods, where you can see and hear the vet, but with no face-to-face contact.

#nationalwalkyourdogmonth #staysafe

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