What is Titre Testing?

Titre testing is not about ‘avoiding vaccination’.

It is about finding out what antibody levels YOUR pet has to some of the diseases we vaccinate against.

For example: if you and a friend of yours, both had your cockerpoo puppies vaccinated, with an identical vaccine, your puppy may have sufficient immunity for 4 years, but your friends puppy only for 3 years, because individual dogs (and cats, and people), respond in different ways to a vaccine.

So wouldn’t it be great to know if your dog needed a booster after 2, 3, 4, or maybe even 5 years?

Well that’s where titre testing comes in; it allows us to find out how much immunity your dog or cat has to some of the vaccines we give in the puppy/kitten primary course and the annual booster.

A titre test can be done as a routine appointment at the clinic and results are back within a few days. You also get a blood test certificate which proves your dog or cat's immunity.

If the results show low immunity, then you know that a booster is required.

The titre test does not check leptospirosis antibody levels, as leptospirosis immunity naturally decreases over 12 months. We therefore strongly recommend all dogs have an annual ‘lepto booster’.


If you choose not to have your dog vaccinated for a disease, and don't have a titre test certificate, you will have to check to see if this invalidates all or part of your pet's insurance policy.

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