Dr Sarah Martin
Co-Owner and Head Veterinary Surgeon

Sarah graduated from Cambridge University (Lucy Cavendish College) in 2007.

She spent many years working in day and night clinics in the north-west of England, before setting up a dedicated out-of-hours emergency service for clinics in Surrey.  She has a special interest in emergency medicine and surgery.

This night service paved the way for Chertsey Vets and then Woodham Lane Vets to be formed.

Sarah also performs veterinary acupuncture for her patients at our Woodham Lane clinic.

Dr Tristan Martin
Co-Owner and Head Veterinary Surgeon at Chertsey

Tristan graduated from Cambridge University (Downing College) in 2005. 

After working as an intern and resident in specialist referral practice in the North West, he and Sarah decided to relocate to Surrey after the birth of their first daughter.

Many years working in a referral hospital has given Tristan the ability to be calm under pressure, and deal with any case that comes through the door.

Tristan has a special interest and further training in endoscopy and keyhole surgery which her performs at our Chertsey clinic.

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We have a vacancy for a Qualified Veterinary Nurse!

Until then, members of our fantastic Chertsey nursing team will be covering!

Contact us if you would like to join our team!

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Rhea, Patient Care Assistant (PCA)

Rhea works at our Woodham Lane and Chertsey Clinics, helping the vets during consultations, looking after patients in kennels, and helping in theatre.

Rhea joined our nursing team as a Patient Care Assistant in 2020, after completing her degree in Animal Behaviour and Welfare.

Rhea soon decided that veterinary care was her chosen career path, and relocated from the East Coast of the UK to join us here at Chertsey and Woodham Lane Vets!

In her spare time, Rhea enjoys long walks in the countryside, seeing family and friends, and spending time with her guinea pigs Nellie and Olive.

Her dream is to one day have her own guinea pig rescue!

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Kirstin, Patient Care Assistant (PCA)

Kirstin joined our team in 2021.

Having grown up in Surrey, Kirstin has been living and working for the last two years in Cheltenham, working as a vet nursing assistant.

However, she is now looking forward to the new challenge and developing her skills further with Chertsey and Woodham Lane Vets.

She graduated in 2018 with a Zoology degree from Swansea University, and is now enjoying spending some more time with her family and partner.


In the future, Kirstin hopes to not only have a home for herself, but also a house full of animals, including a couple of donkeys!

Kirsten works at our Woodham Lane and Chertsey Clinics, helping the vets during consultations, looking after patients in kennels, and helping in theatre

Group Practice Manager

Mati joined our reception team back in 2016, while completing her degree in Animal Behaviour and Welfare. 

She is now Practice Manager of both Woodham Lane and Chertsey Vets.


She had previously been working in the event and theatre industry, but felt like something was missing; and so followed her dream job of working with animals.


After a 6 month break from the team to fulfil another goal: travelling and working in New Zealand; she decided that her home was back with us, and she as rejoined us as our Group Practice Manager.

Her goal now she has settled, is to start adding to her animal family, including one day having her own small holding with pigs and pygmy goats!

Veterinary Student and Nursing Assistant

Leanne worked with Chertsey Vets as a nursing assistant, before gaining admission to Cambridge University to train as a veterinary surgeon.

Leanne works for Woodham Lane and Chertsey Vets as a nursing assistant when she is not studying, or gaining clinical experience in other veterinary clinics as part of her course.