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We perform all aspects of general surgery, we also have specialist surgeons to carry out orthopaedic procedures:

  • Spays and Castrations (neutering)

  • Key-hole (laparoscopic) Surgery (carried out at our Chertsey branch, with free transport in our Veterinary Ambulance)

  • Lump removals

  • Cesarian Sections

  • Pyometra Surgery

  • Abdominal (stomach and intestinal surgery)

  • Bladder Surgery

  • Emergency Surgery (such as GDV, Splenectomy)

  • Tail surgery


Keyhole surgery is very common in human medicine, as we know it is quicker, less painful, and has fewer risks than traditional open surgery.

Tristan enjoys performing keyhole surgery, and has undertaken further specialist training.

We are offering keyhole spays for £395, (for a limited time only).

This also includes a pre-operative consult, intravenous fluids during the procedure, painkillers and post-operative care (providing post-op instructions are followed)


Our visiting Specialist Surgeons can perform orthopaedic and soft tissue surgery that you might otherwise have to be referred for.

Our modern and well equipped practice, has everything our visiting surgeons need to perform procedures at Woodham Lane Vets, so you don't have to drive to a referral centre far away.


With our modern dental equipment, we can carry out routine scaling and polishing, to keep your pets teeth in great condition.

We can also perform dental surgery, should any teeth become diseased or damaged.

Woodham Lane Vets vets and nurses are very experienced in dentistry, and preventative dental care. 

Caring for your pets' teeth at home can help keep them in great condition.

You may have come across "anaesthesia-free dentals" offered on a regular basis, by non-veterinary surgeons.

Please read the following information before you make a decision:

Our visiting cardiologist, provides in-house care for our patients with heart disease.

We provide acupuncture treatments for our patients here at Woodham Lane, meaning that you don't need to travel elsewhere. 

We have a special interest in skin and ear disease, and have specialist equipment to help with diagnosis and treatment.